Most Useful Charms

An important part of broom riding lessons or every technique are spells you will need in order to:

  • ride your broom properly,
  • make your ride comfortable,
  • give yourself or other broom riders first aid or
  • repair your broom in emergencies.

Remember: if ever you bewitch your broom, the spellset has to remain on the broom under any circumstances. Never take it away unless you have a much better or newer at hand! If you take this advice to heart, you may more than once save your own life and the lives of others!

But now, let's have a look at the most important spells:



Gravitorum is the most basic spell for broomriding. It helps you take off softly and hover a couple of feet above the ground. Slow movements with the winds are possible as well as basic steering. Broomriders in their first classes can do nearly everything with this spell. The convincing argument for an official approval of this spell was that every broomrider, even the beginner, must be able to leave a place immediately in urgency.

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  Have a Sitstill in Mid Air

Instantaneous Magical Fire

Some people, especially beginners or people whose broomriding experience doesn't extend further than to Wikkan broomriding, help themselves with a little magical bonfire in order to start and take off safely.

The spell "I call the fire" is quite easy to learn, and since the 274th meeting of the International Broomriding Association (iBa), it has been an obligatory part of every broom riding lesson.

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Padding Charms and Stirrups

Nobody sits straight on a broom handle for a long time, for very soon your bones start to hurt. Naturally, broomriders became aware of this long ago and invented magical upholstery. Today, around every bewitched handle, there is a set of soft padding and absorbing spells which thicken the air in the bewitched area into an elastic but stable mass on which you can sit comfortably even during a heavy landing or in a storm. The padding can be warmed up by a warming up spell, a convenience highly recommended by people with bladder trouble.

The spellword for the padding itself is very secret and recalls burbling. It is so secret that it's forbidden to write it down, and that you forget it as soon as you have finished to learn the spells. It comes only back to your mind when you really need it. Many broomriders use a short form like "Hey Barbara!" as their greeting, in order to keep the spellword in their passive memory. It's very important to immagine the exact softness, form and shape of your padding very clearly while performing the padding charm, for this will be the your exact result.

Padding charms may contain extra stirrups to support the broomrider's feet. If you want to add this convenience to your own padding, add the word "staffa" to the burbling spellword and immagine the place and length of the stirrup as well.

Customize the padding charms of a new broom in your broomflying class. If however you need a padded broom without attending a broomflying class, ask the iBa or AIDBV for a Professional Upholstery Customizer who will also be able to certificate your spellset.

Sometimes, and we hope this never happens to you, immediate spellset repair is needed as first aid for your broom. You may have collided with a bird or landed less softly than you wished and the spellset was damaged. Or a hailstone knocked a hole in it and your flight becomes uncomfortable. In this case, an immediate landing is recommended. If possible, look for a place with running water, as its burbling helps to strengthen the effect. Perform the spells you learned in class. Let them work in during half an hour and continue your broomride. Don't forget to meet your Professional Spellset Repairer in the following days to undo the damage properly.

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Footstool Spell

The Spanish spell plantapie conjures up a wind-sheltered solid footstool 1-2 ft below the broom's handle which serves also as a rack for small luggage. Do tie your bag to the handle, in case of spell damage during the flight.

Since the Flap-n-Up, most broom models are equipped by this spell by default, even with spell supporting wood carvings in the broom handle.

When Brasilian wizards developped the bat style, which provides to sleep while flying with an autopilot, it was very soon discovered that the footstool spell was of good use to protect the sleeping rider against flying obstacles. It simply had to be enlarged. Bat style riders can stay in the shelter under their brooms overnight and let the broom's autopilot drive.

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Warming Ups

The Warm Coat Spell has probably the longest history of all broomrider's spells. It has been improved, but never been replaced since the beginning of modern broom riding. As long as we are able to trace back, broomriders were looking for equipment and charms to make their time in the cold and humid air bearable. We know from manuscripts from the Middle Age, that people boiled warming up potions in mid air in order to reanimate their freezing limbs.

In more recent times, people helped themselfs with casting now and then warming up spells to their bodies. Somewhere at the beginning of the 19th century, a parabreezing spell was invented in France and added to the warm coat spell. Its further development, the double parabreezing spell, which deals not only with the natural wind, but also with the head winds caused by the broomrider's speed, was the most commonly used magical shelter until recent days.

And then, the covered broom was invented and changed everything. A sort of magical skin, not unlike a tent wrapps the broom and its rider. That's why people call the spell simply "the tent". While the skin itself protects against the breeze, the space inside is warmed up additionally.

Broom developpers of our days are working on transversing wind energy into warming energy. If they manage to develop a respective spell, much of the broomrider's mental energy used today to produce a warm atmosphere under the tent, is set free and can be used for other purposes.

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Water Repellants

In nearly every region of the earth with the exception of deserts, even on most sunny days, the air is humide. Riding in the air means therefore, collecting minuscule rain, mist, snow, hail ... short cloud, drops and getting more and more wet. This is a serious problem, because the wetter you are, the more heat you loose. What you need is a decent water repellant.

Another problem, especially if you ride very fast of exercise heavily on your broom, is your own perspiration. Sweaty cloths make your stay in the cold air quite incomfortable. What you need here, are drying spells.

There are dozens of water repelling spells, some of them nowerdays accompany the Warm Coat Spell and shelters. You can immagine: if your warming up tent is also able to repell water without influencing your aerodynamic shape and without impeding your sight, it is the perfect solution to your most serious problems.

Aereal ping-pong players, cloud surface gliders and wind wave riders, the broom sportsmen who are most directly touched by the problem of getting wet while flying, learn and know quite a number of water repelling spells.

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Invisibility: the Misty Shell

Once the wind and water repelling tent was invented, broomriding spell inventors didn't have a long way to go in order to invent the misty shell, which makes sure that you are not seen.

The misty shell is a kind of magic Faraday cage, an electromagnetic effect in which the electromagnetic field around the object conjures up an electricity-free space with special conditions. Similarly, the special conditions of the Misty Shell include invisibility, unspottability and unphotographability. If you conjure up a misty shell around yourself and your broom, you are invisible to non-broomriders, to air planes, and to spying animals. Computers of glider planes perceive you as an air hole and avoid you for their own safety.

Caution: every invisibility spell - the misty shell is just one of them - can be broken, and in certain cases damaged forever, by laser light. No laser resistant invisibility spell has yet been invented. Therfore: if ever you ride at night time: be aware of and keep away from laser pointers of every kind. Also keep away from public - or worse military - airports!

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This spell helps you to see through thick clouds and to make out the rough air structures, intra cloud air movements, temperature, and moisture. The spell is active for only a few moments. Unfortunately until recent days, no professional broom bewitcher was able to prevent the spell wearing off quickly, so that nobody could permanently add it to your flying glasses.

Until recent days, I said. Because people suspect, the Denish company Broom Tronics found a way to fix the spell permanently to their Cockpit Helmet, but of course they keep secret how they managed to do it.

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Palantius allows to see and communicate with another person many miles away by looking into a fragile flat glass made of semi precious stone like rock crystal, aquamarine, turmeline, amber or alabaster - it doesn't have to be the fabulous palantir stone itself.

The spell is easy - the word palantius itself - but more important than the spell is the purity of the stone and your partner's readiness to communicate.

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The vermillious spell acts against obstacles like thick clouds, animals, opponents. It disturbs and distracts animals and people for the moment you're passing. Be careful if your opponent knows this spell. He or she might have the means to deflect it.

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Iddhab is the arabic version of the vermillious spell. Only that it does not distract, but repell. Being extraordinary efficient in repulsing small obstacles like sand grains or insects like mosquitos or grasshoppers, it can also be used to softly lift high voltage lines, to force back fata morgana or other mirages, and to make flying camels and enemies return.

Jewish wizards who, for political reasons can't use the iddhab spell, may help themselfs with their own "lekh-mi-po" version, which has 100% the same effect and helps against the same objects, unless the camel rider, which will be repelled together with the camel.

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Flying in the cold, damp weather or in clouds may cause your broom or Hoover being stuck with small and growing ice particles, which change the vehicle's aerodynamic and stability, and with that put the broom or Hoover rider into danger of falling.

The de-iceing spell is a combination of the iddhab-spell and a warming up charm.

Today, the de-iceing spell is part of every regular spellset and very often, it's worked into the broom's wooden handle itself. It is automatically activated when you surpas a certain altitude or when the temperature of the surrounding air falls under 0°C.

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Shrinking and Enlarging Your Broom

Flap-n-Up was the first broom with a shrinking/enlarging option. After riding this extremely well-designed broom, the rider can shrink it to the size of an inconspicuous piece of jewellery and wear it as a pendant, necklace or brooch.

The spell is called minskrympa. How it works has remained the secret of the manufacturers. Scandinavians say that the spellword minskrympa is a glued word from minska (to reduce in number, which is aimed to the faggot) and krympa (to reduce in size, aimed at the handle). Still, the exact spell word is as secret as the padding charms, and to us ignorant broomriders, it is nothing but an indication of what is been done by the spellcast of the word.

Most of the broom models available can be shrunk and enlarged. Shrunk, they often give quite fancy pieces of jewellery, as the pictures beside show.

Enlarging objects is far easier than shrinking them. Two spells may help you:

  • Extendium is the basic way. It enlarges shrunken objects to the same material and shape in the size of its innate definition.
  • Crescium on the other hand, the much more difficult way, has more options, such as a change of material or the ability to define the final size, which may be bigger than the object's innate definition. Crescending a broom also allows to adjust an individually customized spell set.

An easy example to illustrate the effects of the two spells: you can enlarge your shrunken broom back to its original size with extendium, but you can turn a kennel into a castle with crescium.

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A brooch of a broom. Buy it for just a couple of dollars on the web and enlare it to a fully enchanted broom!Another brooch, a cat on a broom. You can buy it on the same site. Enlarging it works as well.

Broom Accident: Summoning Spells

For immediate aid, when falling off your broom, command your broom to fly under your falling body and catch you. Say the spellword (aquì) and concentrate 100% to the final point of the commanded object. The first times you fall from your broom, you will normally not be quick-witted enough to perform this spell by yourself.

That's why all broomriders learn the complementary spell: when you see another pupil fall, command his or her broom to quickly fly beneath him. The spellword is aquà and of course you are to concentrate hardly to the final point of the broom. This is not easy and it requires a good feeling for 3D as well as for air movements.

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Parachuting Spell

The summoning spell doesn't always work as broomriders wish. First of all, it's quite difficult to locate the precise region where the broom has to be when its rider is already falling and you don't have much time to think and calculate. It is even harder in mist or rain or at dawn. Intuition must replace calculation. It has happened that falling riders were hit by their own brooms imprecisely summoned by a fellow bromrider.

Therefore, it's very often recommended to brake the falling student with a parachuting spell instead. Parachuting spells conjure up invisible wide cloaks and bind them above the falling body. This breaks the fall and helps the victim to land softly on earth. As soon as the rider's first limb touches the ground, the already invisible cloak rapidly begins to dissolve. After having dissolved, you can't feel it anymore as it has vanished.

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Soft Landing Spell

It may happen that due to nervousness neither summoning a broom underneeth a falling broomrider, nor parachuting works in favour of the unhappy broomrider. Then, you're advised to perform the soft landing spell, which brakes the fall asymptotically to the falling person's distance to the ground.

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First Aid

In spite of every attempt to summon a broom underdeath a broomrider, brake his or her fall and make him or her land softly, a broomrider can still be injured after an accident. That's why every broomrider learns a couple of first aid facilities.

Calming Charm: the charm with the enchantment word "chooop" makes the disturbed person calm down and loose his heart beating and blood pressure increasing hormones. It is very easy to perform and it works also when being casted on yourself. You may practise it in your every day life such as in word fights and in exams of every kind.

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Warming Up Spell: a person who fell off his or her broom also quits the warmed and water repelling shelter surrounding it. Very ofen, the vicim will immediately be soaked to the skin and shiver with cold. Even if the weather is dry and hot, after a few seconds, especially if they are accompanied by fear and pain, he or she will feel cold and miserable. Warm him or her up by giving his or her limbs well-aimed shots of warming up spells. Be careful not to boil the victim!

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Stop Bleeding Spell: This spell is perfectly suited to make a wound stop bleeding and activated the body's healing forces.

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Wound Washing Spell: In case you have to wash an open wound or burn but have no clean or cold water at hand, help yourself with this spell. It conjures up sterile and cooling water, which mingles with the dirt. The combination will vanish into thin air.

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Small Healing Spell: This spell helps healing little bruises, bashes, grazes or burns in minutes. Rub the spell softly in like a skin cream without touching the victim. It will work immediately.

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Slow-Healing Spell for Inconveniences: This spell cools a limb and heals sprains, as well as tarn or pulled ligaments. Put a generous layer of spell energy over the wound and avoid rubbing. Let the spell work in, cover up the victim if he or she desires and give him or her a good and silent rest. The spell operates with music of the spheres and shall not be disturbed.

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Bone Regrowing Spell: To perform this spell, you need a special Bone Regrowing Permission, which is part of the official Magical Healing Education grade 2. It reairs broken as well as missing bones (if a limb is lost) in very few hours. The victim needs rest - if possible sleep.

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Oxigenize Spell: Use this spell only if the victim doesn't breathe anymore. Don't force him or her. The spell will give the victim a soft cardiac massage and activate his lungs with fresh oxigene.

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Allover Healing Spell: Sometimes, you don't even guess what might be wrong with an accident victim. He or she is not feeling well at all, but you don't see any injuries. Is it just a shock? Is it an internal injury? Do calming charms, small healing spells, warming up, peace and rest not help? In this case, cast allover healing spells in small portions over the victim's body, not only the supposed injured part. Let the small doses work.

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Revitalizing Spell: This spell is the most effective healing spell allowed to non professional healers. It is aimed to the victim's will of life directly and needs to be given small but constant doses over a certain amount of time in undivided concentration. Focus on the happy common memories and give him or her the freedom to decide if he or she wants to come back. Don't put pressure on him or her.
Caution: If a person has already passed away, there's no point in trying to revitalizing him or her. Ein Tihjat haMetim - there's no revival of dead people at the moment being.

Broomriding Teachers and whoever other needs a 1st Aid Permission in order to follow his or her profession, learn this whole pachage of spells and must know by heart the First Aid Chart.

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Peppering Up

After an accident or a shock, it is necessary to both comfort the victim and to restore his for her well being. The spell is therefore divided in two parts:

  • succhiatus sucks bitter and evil feelings out of your blood, thickening the material into stones of grief, which the victim spits or sneezes out immediately.
  • phenylus activates the pituitary gland of the victim distribute the endogenous happiness drug phenyl ethyl amin.

The effect occurs almost immediately, and it's important to stop the spell in time, otherwise the victim will break out in uncontrollable giggles and must be fed bits of his or her own stones of grief again.

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  the freedom of riding a broom in midst clouds is a pepper-up without potion