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Welcome to the first ever broomriding school represented on the World Wide Web!

Broomriding! Hasn't this been your secret dream for ages? Now, it becomes true! With the right equipment, with the help of our utterly skilled teachers and with the opportunity of regular training, you will soon be among the happy persons who know other ways to use a broom than to sweep the floor. In fact, broomriding is far easier than it seems and there are good chances you'll learn it soon.

For all the questions you have, for information about the different broomriding techniques and games, for important charms and useful equipment and much more, please feel free to tarry awhile.

Maybe we will soon meet in one of our classes?

Demonstration of Most Important Charms Witness of a Broomrider's Accident Broom Fighter's Fascinating Job Broom Acrobatics at its Best Broom Ballet In the Air